Why everyone in the UK should take Vitamin D

Why everyone in the UK should take Vitamin D

The grey skies that often cover the United Kingdom make vitamin D deficiency a common concern, yet a rather silent one! Did you know that chronic joint pain, an all-too-common problem affecting many across the UK and worldwide, is frequently linked to a lack of this crucial vitamin? That said, letโ€™s take a deeper look into the reasons why everyone, regardless of age, should start taking this necessary supplement.

Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D, often known as the "sunshine vitamin," plays a pivotal role in overall health and well-being. Our skin produces it when exposed to direct sunlight, but did you know that over 70% of the UK population falls short of the recommended intake? The limited sunlight exposure in the UK makes it challenging to naturally acquire sufficient vitamin D. Recognising this, the UK Department of Health recommends incorporating a daily vitamin D supplement, especially during the winter months. This proactive step ensures optimal vitamin D levels, supports the immune system, regulates calcium and phosphate, and maintains healthy bones, muscles, and teeth. Recent research suggests potential benefits for mood and depression, too!ย 

Why take vitamin D supplements in the UK?

Living in the UK means limited sun exposure, resulting in insufficient vitamin D production. Although our skin naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, the UK offers a short window from April to September. Relying solely on vitamin D-rich foods like eggs, oily fish, and fortified cereals often falls short. That's where supplements like our Vitamin D3 4000iu 365 Tablets come to the rescue!


Vitamin D and joint health

Chronic joint pain is prevalent in the UK, often linked to conditions like osteoarthritis (which affects 10 million people in the UK!). Vitamin D is a vital player in joint health, helping regulate calcium levels and potentially offering anti-inflammatory effects. Research suggests a vitamin D deficiency could be a risk factor for inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and may increase their severity. For active individuals, vitamin D is essential for strong muscles, aiding in muscle growth and contractility.

For individuals leading an active lifestyle, vitamin D is also indispensable in maintaining robust muscles, essential for supporting physical endeavours and overall well-being. The National Library of Medicine found that it plays an essential role in muscle growth development and in regulating muscle contractility. So, whether you're looking to simply stay healthy during the colder months or you're aiming to keep your body in top shape, vitamin D is a key player in your health and vitality.

Keep the common cold at bay with vitamin D

Apart from supporting joint health, vitamin D strengthens the immune system, a vital defence against winter ailments. Observational studies show that vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of influenza and potentially COVID. It enhances innate immunity by inducing antimicrobial peptides and moderates cytokine storms caused by the immune system.

What you need to know before taking vitamin D

For adults, helping maintain your well-being is as simple as taking one daily tablet with a meal and a glass of water. It's a convenient and easy way to support your health. This high-strength product offers exceptional benefits, making it an ideal choice for those looking to boost their vitality.ย 

At Active Burst, we always recommend that you first seek out the opinion of your healthcare professional or pharmacist's guidance to ensure you're making informed choices about your health. If you're taking other medication or are under medical supervision, consulting your doctor first is a proactive approach to holistic well-being. It's an excellent option for vegetarians who want to maintain their health, aligning perfectly with a balanced lifestyle!

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