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From Cranberries to D-Mannose: Natural Remedies for UTIs

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Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, can affect different parts of your urinary tract, such as your bladder, urethra, or kidneys. These infections are caused by bacteria from faeces in your gut, such as E. coli, entering the urinary tract. Although they are typically not very dangerous, the symptoms of UTIs can be incredibly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the infections can reoccur for some people, which can significantly impact their daily lives.

At Active Burst, we understand how important it is to be able to help ease, relieve, and prevent urinary tract infections at home and throughout your day-to-day life. That's why we're discussing everything you need to know about these infections and the supplements that can help quell the symptoms, like D-mannose capsules and cranberry extract. Let’s get started!

What are UTIs and what causes them?

As we briefly touched on a moment ago, a UTI is a urinary tract infection. These infections can infect any part of your urinary tract, but depending on where the infection is located, it may have a slightly different name, for example

  • If it’s a bladder infection, it’s referred to as cystitis 
  • If the infection is in the urethra, it’s referred to as urethritis
  • If the infection is in the kidneys, it’s a kidney infection 

The symptoms of UTIs

UTIs are most easily identifiable by a few unmistakable symptoms, such as a burning sensation while passing urine, increased frequency of urination, sudden and urgent need to urinate, lower abdominal pain, blood in urine, high temperature with chills and shivering. These are just few of the most common symptoms, there’s a more detailed list on the Bowel & Bladder UK site.

Women are more likely to experience water infections as they have shorter urethras than men and that makes it easier for the bacteria to get into the urinary tract. Some women with particularly short urethras can even experience reoccurring UTIs, which can be painful and miserable if nothing else. You’re at a higher risk of contracting a UTI if you: 

  • Don’t prioritise your personal hygiene
  • Wipe from back to front after going to the toilet (instead, wipe front to back to avoid bringing bacteria forward). 
  • Have a catheter 
  • Fail to urinate after having sex
  • Are pregnant
  • Do not drink enough water

Even though UTIs usually clear up on their own, a few neural remedies are known to help alleviate symptoms. 

How can I prevent UTIs?

The best cure for UTIs is prevention, but we understand that these things rarely cross our minds until it’s too late, so if you find yourself suffering from a UTI or you get them frequently, here’s what you can do to help yourself through.

Drink plenty of water

When it comes to UTIs nothing is better for the infection than drinking plenty of water. Not only will this help to flush the bacteria out of your system, it will make passing water much easier and less painful. It’s also important to make sure you are emptying your bladder fully every time you pass water, even if it means sitting on the toilet for slightly longer than usual.

Avoid perfumed soaps or products

There are many feminine hygiene products and body soaps on the market that you should avoid to bolster your chances of not getting a UTI. That’s not to say they’re objectively bad or that using them will definitely result in a UTI, but if you’re looking to lessen your chances of UTIs wherever you can, it’s best to steer clear of scented soaps.

Opt for loose fitting, cotton underwear

It’s best to wear loose-fitting cotton underwear over tight-fitting, synthetic or lace underwear to avoid UTIs, especially if you get reoccurring ones. Tight-fitting, synthetic underwear, like lycra and lace, can make you sweaty and uncomfortable by preventing any airflow, thus trapping bacteria near the urethra and increasing the risk of it getting into the urinary tract.

Supplements for UTIs

Cranberry juice, or even better, cranberry extract has long been used to help alleviate UTIs. But how does cranberry help exactly? The two leading views on this are that the active ingredient in cranberries either changes the bacteria so that it can’t stick to the walls of the urinary tract or coats the surface of the urinary tract, making it far more difficult for the bacteria to bind to them.

When taking Cranberry Extract is a more suitable option than drinking cranberry juice for several reasons. Cranberry juice is high in sugar; as we all know, too much sugar is unhealthy. Excessive juice consumption can also cause an upset stomach and cause diarrhoea. By using the extract pills, you get around these potential pitfalls.

Another supplement that is thought to help with UTIs is D-mannose.       According to research, D-mannose capsules can potentially prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) by preventing harmful bacteria from attaching and growing. When consumed orally through supplements, D-mannose reaches the kidneys and is then passed out of the body through the bladder. While passing through the bladder, it can attach itself to any E. coli bacteria that may be present and prevent it from adhering to cells and lingering, halting the infection's growth.

However, it should be noted that cranberry extract and D-mannose, along with any other supplements, are not a replacement for proper treatment. If you are suffering from a UTI or any other illness or infection, it’s always the best and safest option to speak to a doctor and follow their recommendations.

Supplements are a great way to help boost a nutritious diet and give an extra kick to an otherwise healthy lifestyle, but they should never be used in place of prescribed medication. Before taking any supplements or vitamins, always speak to your doctor to assess whether they’re suitable to take alongside any existing medicine or health complications you may have. While the vast majority of supplements have minimal side effects, everyone is different, and it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry!

If you’re interested in any of our supplements that can help with UTIs, such our D-mannose capsules or our cranberry extract, you can check out everything we have to offer right here on our site. Or, if you have any questions you can get in touch via info@active-burst.com, or give us a call on 07854 492 046, and our team will be happy to assist you. Get the best for your body with Active Burst!