From humble beginnings with a clear vision of enhancing both the landscape and lives of many a place and people, our health supplements are produced to both nourish your body and nurture our environment.


ActiveBurst began production of our supplement range in the late Autumn on 2019. We aimed to focusing on developing, sharing and promoting the nutrients we felt had worked so well for us. Our first product lines focused on only a handful of products. But that was enough, as we were sure of the supplements we offered and the quality and value they provided Less than 3 months later, after a lot of positive support and feedback, we set up shop and expanded our product range into what you see today. With the primary goal of supporting your active lifestyle. 


Supplement trends come and go. Clever marketing and wild health claims dominate an industry guided by misinformation. We at ActiveBurst, right from day one wanted to challenge this norm. Seeking to inform individuals, we hope to empower them to make the right choice for their individual needs. 

Independent of wether you provide us with your customer, I hope we can at the very least provide you with the information necessary to start the journey to a better you.


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Address: Unit 5, Park Farm View, Barrow Clitheroe, BB7 9YS, Lancashire, United Kingdom