Supplements for joint health

The top 5 joint health supplements

Chronic joint pain is unfortunately an all-too-common problem that many people suffer with all over the UK, and indeed the world. The exact nature of it varies – some experience it in the knees and hands, whereas others may deal with joint pain in their elbows, shoulders and even other areas. This is mostly commonly caused by conditions such as arthritis, namely osteoarthritis – which is the most common type of arthritis. In the UK alone, around 10 million people suffer from arthritis. And it’s not just older people either. Though it’s mostly seen in adults who are 40 and over, people of all ages (including children) can suffer from this condition. 


So what can joint health supplements do to help? 



What do joint supplements do?


Fortunately, there have been a few health supplements that have shown promise for relieving some of the pain associated with arthritis. While they are by no means a cure, some of the natural supplements can offer some much-needed relief of painful symptoms, especially when used in tandem with treatments prescribed by a doctor. However, if you’re taking any other medicine, it’s really important to consult your GP before taking any health supplements. 



What are the best proven supplements for joints?


There are many different supplements available on the market today that claim to treat joint pain, but not all of them are proven to actually produce results. So, before taking anything, it’s important to conduct some thorough research so you can ensure you’re taking something that’s going to help. So on that note, let’s take a look at the best proven supplements for joints and see what the research says they can do for your pain.


Green lipped mussel


Green lipped mussels are considered a superfood. They’re rich in nutrients like Omega-3 and fatty acids which help to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body and offer relief from stiff joints. This comes from the anti-inflammatory activity of bioactive lipids in mussels including eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. Green lipped mussels also contain natural Chondroitin which is an important structural component of cartilage. Additionally, they have also been discovered to be a brilliant source of natural antioxidants and vitamins. which are great for overall bodily health. 





Glucosamine is a natural component of cartilage, it’s the substance that sits between joints and stops them from rubbing together – a phenomenon that creates most of the pain and inflammation so commonly associated with arthritis. It also may help prevent the cartilage from breaking down. It is one of the best-studied supplements for osteoarthritis. This study showed that glucosamine sulphate actually improved joint pain brought on by osteoarthritis.





Much like glucosamine, chondroitin is naturally occurring in the body and is a vital part of cartilage. It’s the tough tissue around the joints that cushions and absorbs any shock. Many studies have shown that chondroitin can reduce joint pain in people that suffer from arthritis. This study even suggests that around 53% of people who take chondroitin can see up to a 20% improvement in knee pain (and in some cases even higher). 





Turmeric has an incredibly long medicinal history, dating back around 4000 years, and it’s one of the most popular supplements for treating joint pain – largely because of its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. These effects are attributed to curcumin, which is the chemical compound found in turmeric. Though research is limited when it comes to turmeric, one study found that it could be comparable to the effects felt by taking over the counter painkiller ibuprofen. 



Krill oil


Like fish oil and green lipped mussels, krill oil contains the Omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. Some evidence suggests that it could be easier for the body to make use of than other similar supplements. Krill oil can help fight inflammation and contains a pigment called astaxanthin, which has antioxidant effects. This study on 90 people who suffered from chronic inflammation found that taking 300 mg of krill oil daily was enough to reduce a marker of inflammation by up to 30%, after just 30 days. 



It can be overwhelming trying to pick out a supplement to use when there’s so many on the market that claim to help, and we understand that here at Active Burst. That’s why we focus on informing our customers on the benefits and research behind supplements, so you can feel empowered and enabled to make your own informed choice on what’s best for you and your health.


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